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Sea Salt Spritz N Spray by CreekBaby

Sea Salt Spritz N Spray by CreekBaby

$ 19.00
  • Detoxifying Facial Rinse
    A mixture of Sea-salt and fresh spring water - 8 fl.oz

    CreekBaby Sea-Salt Spritz n' Rinse is made from pure fresh spring water, gathered directly from an overflowing spring located deep in the Ozark mountains. Through out history, watering springs in the Ozarks are related to many stories of miraculous healing powers– so why not bottle up this goodness and share it with all!


    • Acne & Skin Rashes
    • Daily Detoxifying Rinse
    • Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes
    • Hair Texture and Volume


    • Fights bacteria
    • Detoxifies skin and flushes out impurities caught in your pores
    • Helps fight acne and dark circles around your eyes
    • Restores balance to your skin
    • Revitalizes your skin's natural luster


    • Acne & Skin Rashes – Spritz onto your finger or cotton ball and dab on infected area 3 to 4 times a day.
    • Daily Detoxifying Rinse – Spray onto hands or cotton pad, apply to your face including around the eyes, wait 30 seconds then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Follow with our Coco-Olive Facial Crème.
    • Dark Puffy Eyes – Wet 2 cotton pads with cold water, press out excess water then spray each pad with Sea-salt spray 3 to 4 times. Place coated cotton pads over closed eyes, rest for 5 to 10 minutes then remove and discard cotton pads.
    • Hair – Spray directly onto damp or dry hair to add texture and waves.

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