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Coco-Sugar Scrub by CreekBaby

Coco-Sugar Scrub by CreekBaby

$ 15.99

Unscented Organic Exfoliant
A mixture of Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Fair Trade Sugar - 8 fl.oz 

Unscented & Organic!  It is ideal for Face, Lips & Body! Great gift for mommas-to-be or anyone with sensitive skin and scent allergies.

We recommend keeping a jar by the kitchen sink for your hands (it's natural anti-bacterial); one in the shower for your body; and one by your beauty sink for your lips and face.

Our sugar scrub is completely unscented, but you are welcome to mix it with your favorite essential oil for an all natural fragrance.  Using a ratio of 4 drops of essential oil to 2 tsp (a scoop) of our CreekBaby Coco-Sugar Scrub.


  • Face Exfoliation
  • Dry/Chapped Lips
  • Cracked Hands and Feet
  • In-shower Face & Body Wash
  • Reduces appearance of cellulite and fine lines
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties deter acne
  • Generates fresher, younger-looking skin
  • Detoxifies skin without harsh chemicals


    Apply a small amount to palm of hands and massage into any area of skin you need to exfoliate and then rinse with warm/hot water and dry with a towel.


    Notes:  There are No fillers in the Coco-Sugar Scrub which is why it yields such amazing results; however, it is also why the Crème melts and hardens depending on the surrounding temperature. It does NOT hurt the product to change in consistency. If it melts, just throw it in the fridge until it solidifies. If it is hard as a rock just let it sit at room temperature for a few hours. ~72 degrees fahrenheit will keep it at a creamy consistency.

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